healthy living doesn't have to kill your vibe

hi, i’m unnati shukla.

a 20-something year old marketing gal, creative, and yoga instructor that’s passionate about making wellness accessible for everyone. I’ve also had a disordered relationship with food for about 10 years.

I’ve had a perfectionist nature as long as I could remember, and it wasn’t long until that harsh self critic permeated into my body image and diet. When I was younger, I equated desirability with a person’s worth, and one of the factors in a woman’s desirability was how thin she was. This is how it began.

Kale My Vibe started as a platform to share healthy food, but for me it has grown into so much more. It’s intended to be a space that openly discusses the wellness industry, mental health, and what self care truly means. Society profits off of our insecurities, our perceived inadequacies.

Kale My Vibe exists. To show you that healthy living doesn’t have to kill your vibe.